Antenna array configuration design and performance evaluation software for the design of the layouts of interferometric telescopes, by Mattieu de Villiers (mattieu@...). Four releases are available:

iAntConfig 2023 (for MacOS 10.13 and higher)

The latest version is available for download:

iAntConfig 2010 (for older MacOS)

iAntConfig helps the user to design an interferometer layout for radio astronomy. The program allows the user to import or create layouts which can be further tweaked or optimized. Regions and altitude maps can be used to enforce real world constraints.

The layouts are interactively simulated for given observation settings, and are characterised by evaluating performance metrics. These, and other simulation results can be viewed side-by-side, or in an overlapped manner in order to compare the behaviour of different layouts effectively.

iAntConfig is the successor of the Windows program AntConfig and uses the simulation core AntConfigServer. This program is suitable for large scale interferometer design where earth curvature plays a significant role.

System Requirements:

For download, see attached files for OS X:

For help, look at the attached videos:

AntConfigServer (for MacOS)

AntConfigServer is a unix based command line program that can either be used directly, or indirectly through Matlab or Python scripts. Its functions are to perform simulations, evaluate the performance of a layout and also to optimize layouts. The source code is identically used in iAntConfig.

Using AntConfigServer with Matlab offers greater flexibility for batch mode evaluation of layouts than is possible using the iAntConfig interface.

The Matlab interface also gives direct programmatic access to all variables.

For download, see attached file for OS X:

AntConfig (for Windows)

Note: Development of the Windows version of AntConfig provided here is discontinued and replaced by the iAntConfig OS X program above.  

AntConfig is suitable for the design of arrays with baselines up to 20 km where the earth curvature does not have a significant effect. Please rather use the iAntConfig program for OS X where this is a limitation or for many updated features.

Minimum System Requirements:

For download, see attached file for Windows: